Website Behaviour Analysis


Depending on the Number of Times a User access the Website, what is the conversion rate of him Buying the Product.

There are Two Data Tables , to extract the information:



User Level Log Data

‘Timestamp’ , ‘User_id’ , ‘Website_section_visited’

Final Conversion Data

Web Scraping is the most essential task, while we progress towards analyzing the data, from a website. Various conversions and cleaning is required, while we prepare a finalized DataFrame for Comparisons and Analysis.

So, while working towards this process, the Data Type conversions is something which forms the foundation …

The Difference Between Reduce() and Accumulate() Function in Python:

Difference between Reduce() and Accumulate()

While we all know the use of these two, still sometimes it becomes doubtful for the beginners to understand the very minute differences and needs of a particular function, and sometimes a mere comma can get…


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